Vintage Restoration

One of our favorite things to do is restoring or restyling vintage jewelry, I recently purchased a small lot of vintage rings and discovered they had some interesting wear and tear! One of these rings has a very tall profile but one side the decoration had been knocked out completely! I needed to add metal inbetween what was still there to match the other side and reengrave, then find a new center stone and set it.


The first step is to build up enough gold to recreate the circles. We shaped fine wire and soldered it in place.


Then we filed and shaped the delicae details down and recreated the engraved pattern on both sides.

Finally I needed to set a center stone. The original was a small round judging by the shape of the hole, but I though this ring could use a modern upgrade. I decided a princesscut diamond would be perfect for this ring so i enlarged the seat and build new prongs.

With everything restored this ring is ready to find a new home!

Do you have a family heirloom you would like to see restored? Come bring it by our shop and we can help breath new life into your old treasures!