Coming Back to Life

Sometimes we find jewelry that is “well loved”. If the piece is unique enough we like to bring it back to life.

I purchased this lovely 18 K white gold ring missing diamonds, stretched thin and broken shank, and worn out engraving. I had my work cut out for me.


But this piece is precious and unique! Look at those lovely little bows! I had to save this piece from being melted into scrap!


First things first that shank needs to go! the engraving has nearly been lost, so we cut the whole shank off and installed a new piece of gold with enough extra thickness we could reengrave.


Inside Shank

Old repairs are visable


Installing a new shank



Next up: replacing those missing diamonds! I found two stones that fit, recut the settings so they are a little lower and rebuilt the prongs on the center stone, rebuilt the “bezel” on the side diamond. After the stones were set I went back in to reengrave.

After engraving we added milgrain, gave it a good polish and finished her off with a rhodium polish. The difference is awesome to see! This is a unique piece that we hope will be around for another 100 years.